Behind the Buzz…

The creative force behind Creativity-in-Action is international film-maker Andrea zur Strassen, who has turned her lens toward creating memorable experiences for clients. What got her started?

In writing her master's thesis at Otto-Friedrich-Universitaet in Bamberg, Germany, Andrea got to thinking about how to re-create the 18th century reading room for the 21st century—a sort of Noel Coward meets big brother type of world. Out of this musing grew Andrea's own social networking group called The Nomads—a monthly meeting of people on the move, like Andrea, who has grown this idea into a collection of 1000 international members based in the UK. This woman really knows how to fill a room! This experience has inspired Andrea to create unique events for her clients.

She has worked with such varied organisations as the National Gallery, UBS, BMW and even for Chinese TV. What's the secret ingredient? Well, Andrea herself, of course. You'll get that feeling when you meet her—she's passionate, creative and knows how to bring a buzz of energy into every room. This multi-talented individual is also multi-lingual, speaking her native German as well as English, Spanish and even Hungarian.

But pulling off a great event is more than just a one-woman job. So, as every good social networking butterfly should, Andrea comes with an entourage of producers, directors, event planners, caterers, logistics managers, branding and design experts and others, depending on the specific requirements of each project.

And if Creativity-in-Action isn't able to meet your needs, we'll just tap into our network and point you to someone who can.