Creativty in Action - The Movie


Creating the buzz…

We hate to limit ourselves, but there are a few things we do very well:

Bespoke Experiences

Why hold an event, when you can create an experience? That's what we say. It's why we bring a fresh, creative spark to our events so we can deliver memorable experiences with a message.

What's the message? It depends on what you're trying to achieve. To get to the bottom of things, we provide creative consultancy and tap into our film background, knowledge of the latest trends, international sensibilities and expertise to develop just the right experience for you—designed to inspire, entertain, educate, motivate… or any other 'ates' you can think of. We also project manage the entire experience so the execution is as flawless as the idea. What kinds of experiences do we create?

  • » Promotional & launch events
    We help organisations turn a launch or promotional event into an extraordinary experience.
  • » Educational events & training workshops
    When learning is your goal, we work hard to identify exciting new ways to engage participants.
  • » Film-inspired events
    We use film as a tool for audience inspiration and participation—to bring out the best in people and encourage teamwork.
  • » Social networking
    Today, networking makes the world go 'round. We create experiences that put the 'social' into the networking by bringing together interesting people, in interesting locations, united by common interests (often while drinking interesting cocktails).
  • » Trend tours
    These concept events never fail to inspire, excite and motivate…giving participants a little kick outside of the box by exposing them to people and trends outside their day-to-day world.
  • » Charity events
    From gala dinners and fundraisers to children's events, we enjoy creating bespoke experiences for a good cause …with a great effect.
  • » Conferences
    We organise and manage conferences for public and private sector clients, across the UK and abroad.
  • » Eco-Friendly Events
    Make an Eco-Friendly Statement…