Human Rights Watch, a rapidly growing international human rights organization, has worked with Andrea zur Strassen to launch three new fundraising events in Europe over the past two years. With an expansive list of contacts and a proven ability to build expert production teams, Andrea has been a valuable resource in our efforts to reach new audiences. We rely on Andrea's experience and high standards for a flawless program, and appreciate that she always has Human Rights Watch's best interest in mind.
Michelle Leisure, Director of International Special Events
Human Rights Watch
I always enjoyed working on our joint projects such as the Wednesday Lates for Russian Landscape and Caravaggio. Thank you for always finding such great solutions for us – and I'm sure you'll continue to do so for the National Gallery for many years to come!
Andrea Easey, Communications Editor
National Gallery
Working with Andrea was an exceptional experience. She helped me to realise my ideas and developed the project even further than asked for. It was inspiring to work with her. The result was an experience to remember with movies that every participant was proud off. Our employees still talk about this weekend, references to roles in the movies are made and also quotes used to express opinions. They just absolutely loved it.
Martina Rop, UBS Wealth Management - Head
Market Development Austria & Central Europe


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